Going la maison

The students do not understand why I keep telling them direct translation from English to Spanish will not work, and much of Cajun French is in fact directly translated from English. In current Spanish, I am told that if one listens to corridos, one can actually hear “dar atrás” or “dar p’atrás” meaning “give back.” That is different from the code-switching of the Louisiana French “vini back” (to come back).

That is not my research project but I am going to work Louisiana into this thing, for various reasons including making my research part of my home, which matters to me. I never minded moving until I was exiled by Reeducation, and that was from self and also research. Yet the present project is the one I always wanted to do, even before.

I have to read several books for it.

I am nostalgic for home and for the person I was there but there is nothing that brings those things closer, nothing that makes me more comfortable than reading literary criticism and theory on a clear, dry night. I am amazed that people think research is a burden. I do not resemble them, perhaps.



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  1. Z

    Said research is going well, for me. Why is it? I seriously think it is because I am not forcing myself to write before thinking. This cannot be all, though.

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