Santa Claus Blues

Now that it is winter, we can discuss Christmas. Here is a recording from Copenhagen, 1975, and I see am going to have to go into town and attend some sessions at the Spotted Cat.

Hattie, on whose blog I cannot post reliably, is going to send me some Danish DVDs and I may have to go full on Scandinavian (of which jazz is a part) for Christmas. I hope to post many beautiful Christmas songs but looking for them I found the first British newsreel of the 1940 German invasion of Copenhagen.

It seems there are many videos of Germans walking around Denmark for five years, and of King Christian X riding his horse … and of each Danish city being liberated on 4 May 1945, and of Field Marshal Montgomery sailing into Copenhagen harbor. You can find all of these and more, but I want to post songs.

This is the best version of Dejlig er Jorden I can find, with Sissel; it is in Norwegian with a non interesting picture. It is really worth listening to, especially at the second verse where Sissel comes in solo. Here are the lyrics in Danish; they are marvelously Lutheran and Romantic. Angels first sang the song to shepherds in the fields; it resounded beautifully from soul to soul.

These Lutheran hymns are really majestic in their plainness and simplicity, and the composition of the 19th century songs by people like Grundtvig and Ingemann recalls Luther’s 16th century melody.



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