Last Year

Momo came up with a year-in-review concept: look back at the first post of each month. On this blog it is easier to find the last, so that is what I have done. The record shows that at the end of each of the first five months I was happy with what I had accomplished (even in the irritated February 29 post and the worried one at the end of May, I was right in the swing of work).

At the end of the next three I was anxious about managing the month to come, and at the end of October I was in the midst of things, happy to be getting them done. By the end of November I was harried, and at the end of December I was committing to freedom.

What is the meaning of it? The meaning of it is the difference between life teaching service and skills courses out of field, and life teaching in field.

January: Giving brilliant classes.
February: Tired of people sending messages by attachment instead of in body of mail — especially when the attachment has slow loading graphics and one does not have enough information yet to know if one is interested.
March: Reading very interesting book for research purposes.
April: “Joder, Pete, saludos y viva la revolución, carajo.” Obsessed with the border; had taught Yuri Herrera’s new novel and also met Flaco Jiménez, and presented his show with the Texas Tornados.
May: In Córdoba, Ver., Mexico; thought I had broken this computer and was discovering the existence of a solution: the Plaza de la Tecnología in Mexico City, on the eje Lázaro Cárdenas.
June: In Mexico City; packing to leave for Houston in the morning and wishing I could stay. I was so Mexicanized by that point and so much myself.
July: Concerned about getting things ready for the August onslaught of renters.
August: Concerned about getting things ready for the September onslaught of renters.
September: A classic Z post, on the fear of starting work.
October: Hallowe’en, carving pumpkins and feeling united with happy Hallowe’ens of the past.
November: Another classic Z post, on what one needs to be able to work in peace.
December: My theme song for the year, apparently: woke up this morning with my mind stayed on freedom.



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