On Bohemians

W. H. Auden makes the case for art and against social science, sport, and hygiene I was raised with. I must actually study Thomas’ post, which I have not yet done and which is another matter.

I am not a Bohemian but a great bourgeoise. To be a Bohemian like César Vallejo, for instance, you must be willing to take cash sent for one purpose (passage to Peru) and spend it on something else (a European tour). I am sure he made the right choice for his life, and his art and ours; I just would not be able to do it.

I am, however, still an artist and therefore by definition far more Bohemian than my recent exchange student. It was very interesting to observe her world of useful knowledge, hygiene and sport. If you enter this world you have and feel a great deal of safety and support, and I do see the advantages.

I woke up this morning thinking I do not have enough discipline here, or enough support for acquiring more. “There is nothing for it,” I thought, “I must absolutely move.” Then I remembered that it is not actually a question of discipline but of nurture. Reeducation was reeducation because it required subtracting nurture from your life, but I am no longer reeducated.

I have reasons not to be an absolute fan of The Artist’s Way but Cameron is right about many things including the “artist date.” My exchange student’s rugby games and Zumba classes were her form of these. It is worth looking at Cameron’s whole list of things one needs to work on one’s work, all of it gentle.



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One response to “On Bohemians

  1. dclioness

    I, too, am an ambivalent fan of Cameron. Morning pages are my salvation.

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