On Vallejo, Heidegger, and my other project

I do not know how I came upon this piece as I was doing something else but it appears that orphanhood is what generates the novel.

Vallejo, as we know, kept saying he was an orphan and I do not have a lot of patience with complaints from persons orphaned as adults, or with persons angry with God because we die.

However, it appears that in Heidegger, in Sein und Zeit, Verlassenheit and orphanhood are key ontological terms, and there may also be an explanation of mortality, why it matters. That means Heidegger is more interesting than I had decided he was, so this is one more thing to read if I am ever to unravel all the mysteries.

Coda: This interesting book critiques Paz’ use of Heidegger and Paz’ construction of Mexicanness from a Heideggerian point of view; there is the idea that Paz and Adorno offer two critiques of the same modernity.



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One response to “On Vallejo, Heidegger, and my other project

  1. hattie

    I stood up and cheered after reading the Terry Castle essay. She could have mentioned Brave New World. Huxley saw these trends developing long ago.
    In my opinion these plugged in young people are actually unparented. Their parents are infantile too. No one is willing to grow up.

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