More work-tracking!

Bien, it is about 10:30 and it will be 10:40 by the time I finish writing this post. I have dealt with e-mail and website issues for about an hour this morning; where the rest of the time has gone has been to preparing the situation for the famula (Arg.) or asistenta to come in. I have to call and wrangle with the gutter man and the roofer, and keep getting things ready here, folding laundry and so on, and go to work.

Between 12 and 3, besides grading and talking to whoever appears, I must finish fixing websites for my intermediate level classes. Ideally I will also handle all e-mail related to these, including back e-mail. But at least I will manage the following:

– homework update for the culture class
– document format issue for this class
– film “The Couple in the Cage”
– film “Las Hurdes”
– the a/v problem for the reading class has been resolved
– the reading class needs notes and a homework reminder from yesterday
– the reading class needs the song by Juan Luis Guerra
– more needs to be said about study abroad
– more needs to be said about the conversation partner program
– more needs to be said about the new targeted minors

I think that is all for those classes. Then at 3, I have to go and set up / get ready for two meetings. One is 3:30-4 and the other 4-5:30 or so. I will need to send out notes after this second meeting but I may not do this until later in the week.

In the evening there are two other work related things to do. One involves preparation for the advanced class, and the other is research. I have noticed I am tired in the evenings lately and although I love the night. I am thinking in the morning about what I must do during the day and I do not concentrate well on research activity if I am rushing to do something before also getting ready for three or four classes. But I should still do something research-like in the mornings, I think.

Therefore this evening I will do something research-like and some sort of class preparation as well.

In terms of hours, I am therefore looking at this morning plus this afternoon, which will add up to 6.5 hours, and then a couple of hours this evening to make 8.5. We can compare this to yesterday’s 9.5 and come up with an average of 9 hours on these two weekdays.




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2 responses to “More work-tracking!

  1. I enjoy reading your work-tracking posts. You get a lot done.

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