Work-tracking today, #2

Meansomething flatters me by saying I get a lot done and I am truly honored and it helps to hear it, but let us now review what really happened on this day. Unlike meansomething, my department chair does not think I more than an average amount done and today is a good example of why a department chair might hold this view.

1:00 PM finally arrived to office hours. Issues with house had me start out late and then I had to ride slowly on the bicycle because I had too much luggage in not the right bags, and it was hard to balance. In this trance my cell phone has disappeared although I do not see how it could have fallen out of the bag. Also on the way I ran into two other bike-riding colleagues, in related disciplines, who had news and commentary to relate which was kind of important, so I was late to the office.

In office, made one of the needed handouts but did not get to any of the rest of the things. Talked to student who is has good reason to believe he will fail and should drop course now, but on the other hand said course is a requirement and dropping it only puts the problem off. Gave student a plan to survive the course but the plan will take work and I do not know that the student wants to undertake such work. Really he just needs the course to be easier but there are enough people in it who need it to stay at present level or even go up a notch that I cannot relent for his sake.

Also, e-mailed with Spanish Club President re application forms for new conversation partner program, and chatted with colleague on non work related topics. We were being inefficient but on the other hand one should cultivate collegiality.

3:15 PM set off for meetings.

5:00 PM set off for office, ran into AAUP members who were discussing one of the meetings, underneath these strange arches we have that my ex refers to as “Brickhenge.” (They cost a lot of money and according to my ex design and implementation of this decoration should have been delegated to our own Architecture students as a project for academic credit; he is probably right.) Discussed issues with these professors here for 15 minutes, and one came to my office to discuss further.

6:35 PM this colleague leaves and I do some paperwork.

7:30 PM one of the instructors comes to greet me for the new semester. More collegial bonding.

8:00 PM depart.

8:15 arrive home, leaving luggage in office; without luggage or traffic the ride is fast.

8:30 dinner.

9:00 call the Aged. Hear report which is half distressing and half not.

10:00 pour glass of brandy to recover from this. Try to relax by sitting in lawn furniture since the weather is nice, but am in reality agitated and go around picking up sticks and rearranging leaves.

10:30 check to see if blog has comments. Receive flattering comment from meansomething — a comment to which I have not actually lived up. Compose this post.

Next we will see whether I can at least do one thing for classes tomorrow. Given where time has gone today I need to get up early and be very efficient. I have received this novel and what I would really like to do is sit down and read it. I have it in English and I can already see that I do not like the translation. I rarely like translations of Scandinavian things and I do not know what the problem is since there are so many translations from the Spanish I consider good.

It is a modernist novel on Enlightenment events so I am sympathetic to it and I can hear the Swedish behind it. There much of what sounds flat in English would sound as simple but ring with more levels of connotation.



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