Work tracking Thursday

In reality work very little work was done yesterday. I still have to grade, prepare classes, and do these things:

– homework update for the culture class
– document format issue for this class
– film “The Couple in the Cage” [now found in VHS; let’s see about working it into the class] √
– film “Las Hurdes” [put this on websites for two classes … not urgent today] √
make quiz / look over things for reading class [this is NOW 10:30]
– the reading class needs MORE notes and a homework reminder from yesterday √
– the reading class needs a new homework reminder
– the reading class needs the song by Juan Luis Guerra
– the reading class needs a syllabus adjustment [this does not have to be done today but must be done soon]
– the culture and literature classes need more materials posted [this does not have to be done today but must be done soon]
– the conversation partner program [some work done, more work needs doing]

I will do as many of these things as I can. Hours are looking like:

9:15-10:45 preparation tasks
11-12:15 teach
12:15-12:30 consultation
12:30-1 lunch
1-2 preparation tasks
2-3:15 teach
3:15-4:30 preparation tasks
4:30-5:45 teach
5:45-6:00 consultation
6:00-7:00 e-mail, take notes, update websites

That will be 9 hours, no research, little service. I only got 7 hours of work done yesterday, and they were not efficient hours. I am going to count Tuesday at 9, Wednesday at 7, and today at 9. It really does seem to emerge that 8 is my number despite it seeming I work more. I may accomplish very little tomorrow so that means 4 hours each Saturday and Sunday, which is fine.

Still there has to be a way to build research in every day. In the past I always worked out and then read for research in the evening, and wrote in the morning; classes and meetings were late morning to afternoon. That was with fewer classes and meetings, but a method can still be found.

Full text.

I woke up this morning understanding that if something affects your life and your work adversely you are quite right to question it. I woke up this morning understanding that if someone keeps insisting on their superiority to others and to you it is a warning sign. I woke up understanding, finally, why I listen to King speeches and sing freedom songs to recover from certain kinds of experiences.

We learned about Dr. King in the first grade and he died at the end of the sixth. In the meantime, throughout elementary school, there were new King speeches each year. We heard many of these speeches and learned different things about how to be and act than we were learning elsewhere. I think it was those speeches that, as much as anything else, formed me as a person and I am not talking about a political formation.



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  1. Z

    So today is clocking in at 10 hours so far since I have stayed in the office later, writing letters of recommendation. Watch me do work when I get home, too.

    Comments on teaching: not as well prepared today as Tuesday, due to the issues yesterday afternoon and evening. This made the reading class go better, and the culture class go poorly. It did not make a difference as to how well the literature class went overall, and it was probably better for the students since it was slower and more spontaneous and I told them more fun facts than I would have had I really studied and gotten into interpretation and theory. But it was not nearly as good for me, since I did not get to really flex my brain muscle.

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