Joan Ramón Resina

He is mysterious because the books he has in WorldCat are not the same as those for sale on Amazon. I have never found as high a discrepancy between these two listings before; the lists hardly overlap and this is making me really wonder about WorldCat. The MLA Bibliography is yet again different. Then I googled his vita, a complete version of which I did not find, but the list of publications varies slightly once again. His is my age but looks older. Is he a character in Borges?

QUESTION: Do you still use the MLA Bibliography? I do unless I am working on something where I already know the bibliography, or if it is in the footnotes of the texts I already have. Our librarians and some of my colleagues say it is passé and they go straight to other places — especially since the MLA Bibliography is so tantalizing, it lists things we cannot easily get to, more than ILL can handle, such that we are gripped with nostalgia and cannot go on if we are to bear the sadness that comes upon us when we contemplate its shining face. Nonetheless I use it because I still find it gives the best panorama. What do you do?

SIDE POINT: It is Resina himself who gives me nostalgia because he was in my department and does the kind of work I would had I not been so beaten down and had I not then gotten further beaten down. I feel responsible for the person, namely myself, I exposed unfairly to the elements and allowed to die. Had I realized I had a valuable mind, I might have protected myself better than I did. I do not like being a professor because I do not like being one in the claustrophobic circumstance in which I was raised. The authorities said I was disabled, and that my inability to see this suggested I was also irrational. That is my problem.

I wish I could not be seen, could not be found, would not be arrested, would not face execution, were not distracted by the need to write my confession and my defense, were not impeded from working.

In any case the question of Joan Ramón Resina came up because felicitously I found a reproduction of an article sent a year and a half ago by Stupid Motivational Tricks and the text is just what I need now, but the title is not the title. It could be “Cold War Hispanism and the New Deal of Cultural Studies,” 70-108 in Epps, Brad (ed. and introd.); Fernández Cifuentes, Luis (ed. and introd.); Spain Beyond Spain: Modernity, Literary History, and National Identity. Lewisburg, PA; Bucknell UP; 2005 (388 pp.) 9780838755839 — there seems to be no other likely possibility.




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2 responses to “Joan Ramón Resina

  1. Jonathan Mayhew

    I do know that article but don’t remember citing it or sending it to you. Resina is very smart. I often quote a thing he said about Spanish theory being “jejune and uninfluential,” from the Johns Hopkins guide to literary theory. He is extremely catalanista so that colors a lot of his judgments.

  2. Z

    You did send it, though, and it is that piece, although I had forgotten! It’s for the 1700-2013 Peninsular survey that I am beginning to be able to make interesting now that he and a few other people improved the field.

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