Sol y sombra II

Here is a good thought-piece, Fields Have Narratives, and Words Without Borders is one of the places I think I should publish fiction. Today instead I discovered the current location of a good scholar of the Spanish Enlightenment, and I joined the SCMLA for three years. I am going to submit to its conference in New Orleans, because this is a conference I can afford.

It was almost noon when I got up. Of course I had already woken up at my other favorite rising hours, dawn and 9 AM. I discovered that instead of unbearable muscle aches I now had a splitting headache, so I decided to sleep it off. With the aid of espresso I can work today and there is a lot to do, most urgently with classes. I have already been working on back e-mail, conceptualizing various projects and planning for two hours.

Before I start working on classes, though, I will finish reading that article. It is so hard to read because of bad Spanish and bad writing in general, but the content is so useful, partly because some of it was mine in the first place and partly because the writer then developed a strand from our class in a way few others have done and that I think is not done only because it so upsets the apple cart of mestizaje and nación and being respectable Latins.


By the time I finish this I will have worked for three hours, one on research and two on, let us say service. Then after a break I will start working on those classes. The students really needed help in these classes yesterday.



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