Work Monday

3-9 work on a class, six hours, category teaching, and that is it. On the theory of touching research every day, I hereby commit to read something useful starting at 11 PM, one hour, category research, making this a seven hour day which is respectable. I have some service I really must do soon.

Six hours is too much for a class, I know, but it needs it — it is a new class for me, and a new way of working for the students, and it is a class I intend to give regularly, so now is a good time to get it right.

I could have gotten up earlier and fooled around less in the first part of the day, but I had stayed up reading recreationally until 4 AM. That is a habit I have from the days in which I was trying to hide out from the rest of Maringouin, and it is a habit I am about to lose.

I am counting hours because I am trying to make work more rational. I have already figured out that 40 hours of teaching and research is the most I can do. I can do more but that more has to be service, and service of the easy kind at that.

Working in the chaotic way I do, 40 real hours is also the most I can get. I have bad work habits due to the PTSD or C-PTSD. I did not work chaotically before, but later I started taking every lucid hour I had, whenever it came. As I arrange the 40 hours in a more rational way, I will have more time for recreation.

I also work chaotically because I tried to acquire extreme speed — for no good reason, only because we are constantly told we should. This is impractical since it disrupts my method. What you miss now you will have to repair later, I have always noticed.

I am about to go out walking but I would have liked to work out today, and sit in the sauna. I consumed excellent groceries: espresso, lemonade from my own lemons, bircher-meusli, kefir, an omelette with organic eggs and sweet peppers, wild salmon sautéed in olive oil with more of those peppers and onions from the garden, salad with radishes, also from the garden, and tea. I must start eating beans, though, and Stringer Bell is helping me to cook them. I will live on bean soups and wild herbs.



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