Corpus delicti

Another book I have never read is the History of Sexuality — I was bored with Foucault when it came out and could not take him seriously, and I have never gotten back to it. I should probably read it now along with everything else there is about the body, because race is about bodies, and the castas are colonial bodies.

In class we discussed some of the Moroccan letters of José de Cadalso, and the students could not understand them; narrative voice is complex from their point of view and the world to which it refers is strange. “How to become modern, yet retain Spanishness,” was an issue they captured.

Looking for more material to help elucidate these matters I came upon this book, one of the many I have read reviews of and then not returned to. If I designed a Spanish program or if I redesign this one I do not think I will have a Peninsular / Spanish American separation.




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5 responses to “Corpus delicti

  1. Jonathan Mayhew

    Rebecca was my colleague at Ohio State. I saw her again a few years ago when she came to Kansas to give a talk. An excellent scholar and person.

    I agree about the peninsular / Lat Am split. That’s what I hated about Ohio State too. The Latin Americanists built a wall between the two literatures as a matter of principle.

  2. Z

    Ah, but wasn’t the split caused because Spaniards would not touch Latin America and would not teach theory, and so got forced to hire first one designated hitter on these things per department, and then more? 🙂

    OSU, that was my first job interview ever in the east, the designated candidate for that position being Abril Trigo. It seemed like a warring place then and a suffering one when I was there much later on some NEH seminar. It has some good people, though. I did not want that job once I saw the place, but I think I would have taken it anyway had I gotten it, and I think I would have liked it better than I imagined at the time.

  3. Jonathan Mayhew

    Well yes, the split was caused in part by the falange española, but those of us who weren’t part of that, like Rebecca and I, had to suffer that all the same. Maureen (RIP) also had very definite ideas about what training you needed to be a Latin Americanist, and that training did not include peninsular.

    • Z

      Gosh, I did not realize Maureen had died. So many people are absent now. She had a really atypical background but in general there was a lot of ressentiment, yes. And now the split is so entrenched, it seems natural to many.

  4. Jonathan Mayhew

    Recent REH has a homage to her. I really liked her though she was too intense to be around. And of course I didn’t like how she wanted to erect that wall.

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