On current Spanish literature

I still claim Spanish literature after 1700 is, with some exceptions, bland and pedantic compared to what you can read from other countries, but then I do not know it well enough to actually defend this view.  Now Words Without Borders has a massive issue on contemporary Spanish literature in translation. They say:

Read Fernando Aramburu, Cristina Fernández Cubas, Miquel de Palol, Ignacio Martínez de Pisón, Antonio Gamoneda, Pere Gimferrer, Berta Vias Mahou, César Antonio Molina, Juan Antonio Masoliver Ródenas, Olvido Garcia Valdés, Pedro Zarraluki, and Juan Eduardo Zúñiga, and discover the breadth and depth of contemporary Spanish writing.

Now we can all pretend we are in an independent bookstore in Madrid — what is that feminist one off the Plaza Mayor? — going through the racks.




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7 responses to “On current Spanish literature

  1. Z

    Oh, qué maravilla. Gracias, Oscar. (Tengo las mayores ganas de estar en Madrid hoy.)

  2. Jonathan Mayhew

    I’d say don’t read César Antonio Molina.

  3. Jonathan Mayhew

    He is so politically powerful he gets published everywhere, but he is not very interesting. HIs politics gets in the way.

  4. Jonathan Mayhew

    Oh, and the guest editor (one of them) of that issue you link to is Mercedes Monmay, who is César’s spouse.

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