In which I am not a bad teacher, after all

I am severely traumatized about teaching and that is why I do not have time or energy for writing. But sometimes, someone says I am not a bad teacher. This morning on e-mail:

I keep finding things that are so relevant to what we discuss in class! Things I never stopped to think about before are suddenly everywhere. I just wanted to share this article with you because it reiterates the same ideas and asks the exact same questions as you did in class. It’s all very fascinating!

In elementary schools here they hit the children and also pick them up and pin them to the wall three feet above the ground, so their face is at the same height as the teacher’s, who can then scold them. This is what you are competing with at the university level; the students cannot and will not accept the possibility that there might be two answers to one question.




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2 responses to “In which I am not a bad teacher, after all

  1. Jonathan Mayhew

    I could only become a good teacher by not believing people who said I was bad. I still know I am good, but thinking I was not froze me up and prevented me from being myself.

    • Z

      My problem is the multisection lower level FL classes taught to freshmen who associate FL with being beaten and where the other instructors have a different idea of FL education than I. As an exercise I could stop saying I am bad at it.

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