Research Wednesday

I am looking for negative reviews of Doris Sommer, Foundational Fictions. If I do not find more by using Web of Knowledge and the MLA Bibliography I will call a reference librarian. I have already found an interesting one by Nancy Vogeley, in Modern Philology 91:3 (February 1994): 390-394. Danny Anderson has a review essay in College English 56:1 (January 1994): 82-92 that includes discussion of Sommer’s book, although the .pdf is refusing to download. When it opens, I will find out what criticism he has, if any.

I have found more reviews but if you know of critical discussion of this study, perhaps not in a review or review essay but as part of someone else’s research, I want to know. Do not misunderstand — I like Doris and her book — but everything has limits. Vogeley’s review is very helpful.

This is what I have done for research today, since I have no time yet had to do one thing. Research is very much easier than teaching, although academic writing is more difficult than bureaucratic writing.




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2 responses to “Research Wednesday

  1. hattie

    I’ll read reviews after I finish the book.

    • Z

      Wow. You are actually reading this thing?! That is dedication … but then again, it is kind of fun. Tell us more about what you think, please, it will be very interesting!

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