El reino de Mandinga

Tell me anything you know about Ricardo Rivera Aybar. I really need to know. My notes on one novel,  taken in a sleepy library, are:

Lucanor Arias y Reynaldos, early colonizer, goes with 5 ships, and does not realize he will found a variegated tribe, a family tree with many different branches. He leaves Spain with an interesting cargo, sure he is going to China.

He does not realize America is the land of Guaracocha, the Devil. According to the myth we are about to hear, it is an alternate Creation; Woman, for instance has been created in the image of Guaracocha. There is an alleged transcription of the creation myth about Guaracocha and it is worth studying; I have not studied it yet.

It is to this continent the Conquistadors would come, headed by Lucanor Arias (who appears to be a Columbus surrogate); there is a text from his alleged diary (check to see if it is written by RA or if it is a quotation); Arias gets to America and it takes him over in an interesting way.

I like the book but it seems dated … it is a 1992-obsession book. We will see.



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