Aterrizaje en Pasto

Hattie has shown me that you can see video from the cockpit of flights landing, and I have learned I would like to be a pilot. Here is video of the two most fascinating landings I have made, in Pasto, Colombia, and La Paz, Bolivia.

The altitude of this last airport is over 13,000 feet. There is also amazing video of landing in Hong KongMexico City, and Rio de Janeiro. I can see I would like to go to Hong Kong; it is the only one of the airports in this post I have not visited. New York-La Guardia is also an excellent place to land.

I also learned from Hattie that you can track your flight right here, and see whether it is on its route or not. Hers failed to get onto its route, and had to turn back.



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  1. Hattie

    I always try to get window seat ,because I love to see the world from the air.
    Terry gets the credit for that video and the website where you can track your flight.

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