On “policing the norms of academia”

At last I understand academic advice: it is not advice at all, it is a speech act undertaken to police the norms of academia. This phrase was invented by one of my reader-friends, who noticed that the Tenured Radical was upset today with Sarah Kendzior for speaking clearly, and not in the terribly indirect way that is the academic custom.

A Friend of the Radical had rushed in to explain how things work, how one works, how to publish, and things like that. If one were not repeating the basic instructions, as Kendzior was not (she was talking about something else), it meant one did not understand the basic instructions. Only repetition of the basic instructions was relevant.

Academic advice is that kind of power move.





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2 responses to “On “policing the norms of academia”

  1. Bingo. I love this insight

    • Z

      🙂 In the parlance of this blog, those guys are Da Whiteman. And I have invented a new term for their attitude: academonormative.

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