Eaux de mars

♦♦ After LASA, from whence I will May 26, and before the Ohio event, for which I will depart about May 31, I will make my June syllabus and e-mail the students.

♦♦ In the meantime I must now create my LASA paper and my Vallejo abstract. I will write the Vallejo paper during June. In July and August I will finish papers, while also preparing Fall classes.

♦♦ This job in Cincinnatti will pay for LASA expenses. The June class is intended to pay for Mexico and California expenses but it might just have to pay bills, and we do not know whether it will make.

♦♦ I want to go to Mexico in theory but my books are here. I could handle being here if I went to New Orleans every weekend. That would cost as much as going to Mexico, realistically speaking.




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3 responses to “Eaux de mars

  1. Z


  2. Z

    Reserved Chicago flight but must now reserve place to stay. Nerve wracking. Need place in N.O. for on the way, as well, probably, and should get it soon.

  3. Z

    This is a really important planning post. Really important.

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