Pour considérer et faire

There are many things here I do not take advantage of because of financial considerations — getting to them. No individual excursion is particularly expensive, but they mount up and I need more than I actually undertake. Life would be really different with a small amount of funding. Those working in the university’s centers of excellence are able to take advantage of our area in ways I am simply not.

This is unfortunate and must be addressed somehow. I wonder whether, if I moved, I could paradoxically be funded to do more work here. Just thinking about what it would be like to work at this place I am threatening to apply to makes me truly appreciate the exotic Louisiana culture and its comparative plethora of research resources.

Keywords to be kept in mind for work and other things are: gaslighting and addictive love.
♦Are you being told there are terrible disasters that must be addressed just so someone can offload their pain and enmire you in trying to help them work out what were really only passing emotions for them?
♦Are you being engaged or told your efforts are sorely needed on a particular project because they are, or because the weak need company? (What looks like an energy-destroying black hole, probably is.)



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