C’est intéressant

White candles and an amulet would be what I need now. The candles I can get, and the amulet I should seriously acquire.

I am told, intriguingly, that it is less stressful to say This Is Happening, so now what than No It Is Not. That, I can tell, is true.

Yet more intriguingly, But I know nobody. Can Force you to have. Self image you don’t want to. That’s your choice. I am less sure of this but if it is true then it gives a lot of power. I used to have that kind of power.

How to square this with: Being in an abusive relationship can knock your sense of Self and your self-confidence right down, until you barely know who you are any more, it can rob you of your ability to trust or to make even simple decisions, it can leave you doubting your own judgemnt and gut reaction… is a question I have not yet resolved, but I may be able to do it.

One can learn not to be complicit, I am sure.

What someone said tonight: “It is so nice, on this campus, to see that there is someone who is intellectually engaged.”



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