A sentence to add…

I am finished writing about teaching, or thought I was, for the document in question. But I should actually add a sentence on style.

Also: I think I am not quite qualified for what I am applying for, but it has been brought to my attention that I could also be perceived as overqualified. I must evince a modest attitude while also coming across as strong.

Teaching, administration, curriculum and program planning: Remember that when I got to this institution, even the placement examination was from the 60s.

And: I must work the liberal arts angle. I mean: figuring out how to give a personalized, elite-style liberal arts education in a less-elite university. I mean: people who like my classes are people who want to think for themselves.

It is also worth remembering that I am the one who gets students into graduate school and into jobs. And McNair fellowships, and so on.



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