Assia Djebar

I am clearing my shelves, looking at things I have loved, imagining the French Caribbean, the France we were. I am thinking of naming someone Vèvè or Damballah.

One of the most interesting people, the deeper people I have met is Assia Djebar. I am looking at some pages of rich prose now and I would like to get this book in French, L’amour, la fantasia.

I think it was the French who came up with the idea of l’écriture féminine and perhaps this does exist in French. I normally do not have a preference for writing by women, but I think I may for French.




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2 responses to “Assia Djebar

  1. I’m interested in this topic and frustrated that I do not know French. There are bridges, though, through translations and, I think, the work of Judith Butler. But really I’m not sure what a female way of writing would be.
    Any recommendations?

    • Z

      The classic thing to do would be to read Hélène Cixous. I have only just gotten interested in this. I think the thing to do is read Dejebar, de Beauvoir of course, Yourcenar, the whole set of French women. If I were in French right now, women writers might well be my theme.

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