It is true, I do not like to rush

My worst work block is thinking I have to rush while working. I greatly dislike rushing, I like to do things calmly. So when I started to be told that as an academic, you had to always do everything as quickly as you possibly could and as superficially–or you would be cut–I decided I preferred not to be an academic, and would prefer to return to the assembly line.

I cannot face starting anything if I think I have to rush myself through it or take it at a breakneck pace. As soon as I remember I do not have to rush like that, I start perfectly well.



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One response to “It is true, I do not like to rush

  1. My husband works steadily and never rushes. And one of his favorite breaktime activities is digging ditches. I am not being facetious. He really loves manual labor. Me, I am constitutionally lazy, like my cat. I have to force myself into action. We make a good team.

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