Housing, and budgeting, and negotiating

It might be that this is where I would have to live, if I get and take Job #1. It is extremely expensive but everything that looks reasonable in that town has hidden costs or if not, is entirely too depressing (as in, I would rather stay here and leave the profession than move there and live in those things). These condos are in actual move-in condition and they are rentals, so there are no secret costs. I would be able to not think about anything, just start work. There are very great advantages to this.

I have never paid $1250 in rent. It seems ridiculous. If I pay that much in rent, and pay on old bills, and possibly continue to pay my mortgage, utilities and home maintenance here, then realistically speaking I could be looking at as much as $3,000 in rent, utilities, mortgage, and home maintenance. I am overshooting, of course, to take care of repair possibilities — anything left would go to other unexpected things, car repair, dentists, things like this, or if not, travel.

Then I might want another $2,000 to spend, perhaps. Right now I take home $3,200 or so and it is not enough, I do not make it, but this is because mortgage and back bills take almost half of it. Perhaps I want more than $2,000 to spend, then. Let us be opulent and say I want $3,000 to spend.

I want, then, $6,000 per month to take home. That is $72,000 per year, in take-home pay, which would mean over $100,000 gross. But the most I can get, I suspect, is $78,000. I wonder whether I could ask for a housing supplement. Or for books, conferences, and computers (part of the reason I have no money now is that the university does not pay for these things).

70% of $78,000 is $54,600, which is what I might take home in this state which has no income tax; that divided by 12 is $4,550. Since my mortgage is $700 and this rent would be $1250, cost of rent would take up exactly my complete salary increase if I get $78,000. Once I sold this house, or if I could rent it, things would be somewhat easier, but not a great deal easier.

This does mean, though, that I must have a salary that high, to make this proposition viable even marginally. I am glad I have made these calculations.





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5 responses to “Housing, and budgeting, and negotiating

  1. I drove through Vermilion years ago but don’t remember anything except going to the museum that is part of the university. $78,000 would be a nice salary for an associate in the humanities, though.

    • Z

      It is a department chair position so I can perhaps get in at salary that high, I theorize. No real idea, though: they have an assistant professor at about 50K and a full at about 80K, that seems to be their range.

      How was the museum?

  2. Z

    $67K seems to be national average for associate professors. Then: more for chairing, and supplement for moving … ?

    Meanwhile, there is this: https://www.wsujobs.com/postings/9199

  3. Z

    And I am weakening. Part of why I want so much salary is that I am so used to having the university pay for nothing else. Every conference they pay for is $1,000 or even $1,500 in salary. If they eventually bought a good computer I could take away from the office, that would be worth another $1,000 in salary. And so on.

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