One more thing I disagree with

“You must take care of yourself (and not your work).”

Some fallacies inhere in this sentence (depending on how it is used).





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4 responses to “One more thing I disagree with

  1. Is this an either: or situation?

    • Z

      It means: if your work is going well then you must not be “taking care of yourself” and you should. It is similar to the injunction about teaching, how if it went well you must have put an amount of time and effort into it that surely destroyed your research. So I guess yes: people who say these things are assuming either-or.

  2. sophylou

    Huh, well, not all of my work is the same. There’s “my” work and there’s “their” work, and doing “my” work IS taking care of myself.

    Someone once affectionately described me as a border collie — border collies want to work, need a lot of stimulation, get neurotic when bored or understimulated. (Not so much about the physical exercise though 🙂 )

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