Aleksandr Venyaminovich’s factory

A Bary factory restored 2

This is one of his Moscow factories, abandoned but now restored as an office building. He also had a larger, green one at Lenin Sloboda 19, which has been boarded up but not demolished. That man staring at it is my cousin.

The commission on heritage says that as a late nineteenth century wooden structure it should be preserved, although strictly speaking it has little cultural value. It seems made of logs or half-logs, and it has lacy white trim on the eaves.




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2 responses to “Aleksandr Venyaminovich’s factory

    • Z

      I am not sure about this one. He made many items but harvesting machines (sole agent for International Harvester in Russian Empire) were where he made a lot of money. He had workers eat lunch at work American style, and go home at 5. An innovation, said by my aunt to be good but who knows.

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