Job interview outfits … for half senior faculty, half administrative positions

They decided to interview all women, which is interesting since I can see what they are wearing. All have sensible shoes, a little too old for them, like these, but I probably need those to look conservative enough for the kind of thing I am applying for and because I can no longer wear real heels. I much prefer these, but they are $395.

In terms of outfits, I am not sure I can get away with what they were wearing. They were dressed at the level of dressiness I use for work, which is all right for a graduate student on a job interview but perhaps not for me on a job interview. One had on a suit and a shell, without jewelry. The outfit was too plain; you must wear a necklace or a scarf if you have on a jacket and a shell. Another had on a beautiful skirt and sweater that I would love to wear as an interview outfit and that did not require jewelry, but is that not too casual, really, for someone twenty years older?

In my opinion, I look fantastic in this sweater (which in person is less casual) and a short straight skirt, and this skirt and sweater, and I really do not feel like acquiring a suit, and jackets are so uncomfortable. I would rather wear a dress, but I think I need a suit. Probably a navy suit. I can wear gray, black, and brown as well, but I look strangely well in navy.

Ideally I would have a knee-length camel sheath dress with a matching suit jacket in the same length. Albert Nipon. I had a Donna Karan suit for years and it was very good, but I could not afford one now. I could perhaps shop in Chicago when I get there.

What do you think? Should one spend a fortune on clothes one likes, but does not covet . . . ?




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5 responses to “Job interview outfits … for half senior faculty, half administrative positions

  1. I hear that the Thierry Rabotins are the most comfortable shoes in the world. But it’s not like I’ll ever afford them.

    I’d only spend a fortune if I really really loved the clothes. But then I’d go all out.

  2. Hattie

    I never think about the clothing dilemmas of small women.For me,for instance,finding any shoes in my size used to be difficult. These days I can find what I want. I have not had beautiful suits and dresses since my days in S.F. as an office worker. And the camel hair coat with a belt in the back. You can’t find things like that any more. Oh,and I was thin then,of course.
    I can’t wear black,which makes me look like a walking funeral.
    To be honest, my sense of style these days is pretty well defunct.

  3. Those outfits all look fantastic to me. I think you should get the one that makes you feel the strongest and most confident.

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