Now I am transformed, having decided I have authority. This is new … very new. It frees up a lot of head-space.

Self-doubt was the goal of Reeducation, but I was like this before.

Getting further to the bottom of what Reeducation did: I think it said, lodged in us, the idea that we were not real.




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4 responses to “Transformatif

  1. I grew up with the idea that nothing belonged to me.

    • Z

      Interesting … I have to remember this about having authority, I should blazon it on my wall, as I am not remembering completely consistently.

  2. I’m writing a memoir which is mostly for myself and am amazed at what is coming out of it. But I think it’s not possible to write this sort of thing until one is very old. It’s like a restoration project on an old house.

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