Lecompte, Louisiane

I am completely different now, I warn you; if you did not meet me before 1991, you do not know me.

In any case, I went to a statewide meeting in central Louisiana, passing by chance through the old market town of Lecompte which was very beautiful. It is well above sea level there. You drive on little hills and the trees look lively, less weighed down than they do closer to the Gulf.

Lecompte was named after a race horse, which was the world’s fastest colt in 1854. Its main police are in jail, having been arrested for malfeasance in office on 4 April of this year.

The town has Lea’s Lunchroom which is famous. Who its customers were and are would be interesting to know. I actually want to go to the pie festival.



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  1. I like it that their web site says the whole town consists of land. (-:

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