On death: a field report.

In the first place, it is not necessarily easy to get the deceased’s eyes closed. The eyelids resist.

In the second place, I had been informed one should sing for the dying. This seemed to work but I did not have songs prepared ahead, so we had Corrocloclo and a traditional nana.

Yo no siento la gallina ni el dinero que costó
solo siento los polluelos que sin madre los dejó.
A la nana y a la buba,
se durma la criatura.

In the third place, even if you have a prearranged cremation you must still go to the place the next day and sign many papers, reconfirming that this really is what you want. This is also the time when the death certificate is ordered, and you should order many copies.

I am at home again, and receiving visits.





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9 responses to “On death: a field report.

  1. carlos

    Thinking of you. So very sorry Z.

  2. Z

    Gracias, guys … the next one will be truly bad, I can tell. This was all right, so far.

  3. Wogglebug

    My condolences.

  4. Rose

    my sympathies

  5. Angry Professor

    So sorry for your loss.

  6. Z

    Thanks all, and it is good to see you, Angry Professor!

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