The cautiousness

This is what the academic advisors say, boiled down: (1) rush yourself, (2) sacrifice everything, and (3) conduct large amounts of conventional research that will affirm the status quo. This is the only way to evade execution.

It is that threatening atmosphere, prison and sacrifice, and the gag rule, do not publish research, but only quickly conceived repetitions of variations on conventional beliefs–that I did not like. The idea that to show virtue you must survive and also perpetuate extreme scarcity.

Here is a quotation about this, from a 2004 blog called “Don’t Ask Me” that has gone offline:

Advice is authoritarian. If you ask for it, you’ve asked for it. Top down organizations like corporations and universities like to help their new hirelings along, especially if they’re women or minorities. There are an array of new programs with disciplinary names to keep everyone in his/her place: retention and empowerment programs, mentorship programs, you give me your life and I’ll think about letting you keep your job programs.

Funny thing is, they never needed this kind of thing in the old boy club. I’ve seen how the old boys do it. A weaker man (publishes less, is less distinguished, maybe he is just a little bit incompetent) allies himself with a stronger one by showing him his jugular. Strong one doesn’t kill weak one. Weak one keeps job, weak one owes strong one job. Strong one uses weak one against others, and builds a network of weak ones who owe strong one everything.

Enter female into picture, enter two females into this picture. Weak ones cannot compete with strong one for female attention, weak one disappears (temporarily). One female is GOOD, other female BAD. Very BAD. One female more charming than other female. Other female shunted aside. Charming female good. Strong one like charming one. Charming one asks strong one for ADVICE. Strong one LIKE, strong one VERY VERY like. Strong one becomes charming one’s MENTOR. Not-so charming female too independent, no smile enough. She no NEED ADVICE??? Strong one spreads dislike of not so charming female. Weak one pipes in to agree with strong one.

THEN charming female gets other job offer. Strong one ANGRY, very ANGRY. Why she want to LEAVE US???? Charming one takes the other job. Not so charming one becomes GOOD female. She like us. She want to STAY with US!!! Weak one trashes charming female in person and behind her back. Weak one happy to please strong one. Strong one ANGRY, very ANGRY. Why women betray us? Why so ungrateful?

Strong one and Weak one male-male couple show how underlings should behave in Department or Unit — be submissive to Strong one. Agree with him, never leave and ye shall prosper like the lilies of the field.

Do you see? It is not just I who experience these problems. On the other hand I am Occupying, actively Occupying Maringouin. Vichy State is next.



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