Le programme

Now we are trying to Occupy every day, do things and enjoy them. My friend with a harder life, ostensibly, has an easier time with this as his goal is and always has been to teach foreign languages. That is what he likes.

I, on the other hand, am gripped with nostalgia. I would have liked literary research if I made enough to live on in a place that was not destructive to me, and true access to research materials. Without these things I would need to be doing something I really liked, not just something mildly interesting like literary research, to be able to begin the day without having to talk myself into it.

The Tulane Environmental Law Clinic is doing things here, and my first choice of a college major was Forestry … so as to later work in a venue like that environmental law clinic. Part of why I am attracted to this is that this is a job directly related to things happening here, to the community here, not someplace thousands of miles away that one is allowed to study and talk to, but in which one does not truly participate.

I will Occupy by going downtown. I will go to the Tulane library, formerly the library of United Fruit. Even there, I feel nostalgia.




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