La lucidez

I had this flash of happiness and competence yesterday. Not just a clear memory of life before Reeducation, but the real thing.

…I was able to shut the mistreatment off completely, and also the idea that I am not qualified to do what I am doing.

…This was possible in part because of having had a good work day on Thursday.

…The Buddhist texts and the vodun candles were helping with this. You have to be friends with yourself.

…It is possible to live yet better.





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5 responses to “La lucidez

  1. meansomething

    This lifted my heart.

    • Z

      I am trying to channel it back, meansomething!

      It really was a revelation, several hours without oppression.

  2. Must be wonderful. I ask myself if I have ever even lived something like that.

    • Z

      I have, a lot of the time. I am convinced it is how people who are getting things done feel, and why they do not understand what it is like not to have the good fortune of feeling this way.

  3. I have always been impeded in my forward movement, both physically and mentally. Every once in a while I get a glimpse, though, enough to know what you are talking about.

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