Icelandic has “fyrirboði”
Faroese has “fyriboðan”

The Faroese word “fyriboðan” is translated: portent; presage (t.d. of evil, of good); omen (t.d. an omen of success, of failure); sign, augury; (um vanda, vanlukku eis.) forewarning, foreboding; (um eydnuríkt úrslit) auspice (um of) (vanliga flt, t.d. the auspices are good); vera ~ um (eis.) foreshadow, presage; (um vanda, vanlukku) forebode; point forward to (t.d. his later style); ring ~ bad omen; góð ~ good omen, happy augury

(From Sprotin)



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