“Don’t give up your core”

That was the really important thing I heard. Also, unmanageable situations cannot simply be managed.

To write you must have a manageable situation and you must not have renounced your core.

No amount of discipline or control or “passion” can substitute these things.

You have to have a clear mind, and you cannot have had your sense of reality or belief in the validity of your views mortally shaken.

This is what is needed.





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3 responses to ““Don’t give up your core”

  1. Z

    …And I love calm. The hallmark of the alcoholic family is turbulence, I am told, and that must be why I like calm so and am vulnerable to turbulence — and react so poorly to exhortations to speed. In Reeducation, my calm was misinterpreted as “lack of feeling” but this was a severe misreading.

  2. Yes, I had a very scary depressive alcoholic mother, and a rageholic dad. Lucky me. They were incapable of encouraging me or helping me develop my talents but instead tore me down all the time. In fact, I’m kind of amazed that they could hold it together well enough for me to survive! This I modestly attribute to my genius. I see the genius in my daughters and grandchildren, who are being properly nurtured and are simply stunning in their accomplishments,.

    • Z

      It is a pisser, isn’t it? One could have been and done much more, and/but it could have been worse. Some of my parents’ friends had children who committed suicide. I wish I knew what was really wrong with my mother — was she mentally ill or just caught in sociological circumstances without the right support? Was she an alcoholism and abuse victim that I did not understand well enough because she saw me as an enemy? How much of the c— that went down was actually caused by my Scorpio dad (whom we all love) … it is all a great mystery.

      I wish I had had kids, because they would be geniuses.

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