Amat Escalante

And if I were in Mexico or en ville, I would surely not merely be hoping to see my first Amat Escalante film, but seeing his latest, coming at the current film from a different direction.

The tone of standard academic advice is all about discipline and limitation, as well as “self-protection.” It is as though you were to imagine yourself in a fortress you are protecting, and wherein you undergo your own strict regime. I never liked the idea of using vocabulary that implied that one must huddle in due to danger.

About limitation, I think it is important to do many things, absorb a great deal of culture, be active. These things contribute to the development of your work but people say they fragment you. I was always told I must renounce children or hobbies if I wanted a job, but every time I renounce exposure to culture and life in general for the sake of “concentrating,” find I cannot think at all.

You must not give away your core and you must have interesting recreation and time to yourself. The idea that you must renounce everything, sacrifice everything, reduce your days to drudgery and then fit creative work hurriedly in the margins of that is simply absurd … especially if you have given away too much of your core. If you have not given away too much of it, then you can actively want — rather than longingly wish you could want, or wonder whether you want.






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