What would help?

…asked Hattie. I am actually working on a list, but it does not include some things I was told and that are interesting, including:

* People get up in the morning and ask themselves, what can I do for ME today? And then they do that thing first. Apparently I really mistreat myself and do not call it mistreatment. I even mistake mistreatment for health, I am told.

* I should be good to myself, which I am not, and “stand up for myself” … be good to myself, or true to myself (remember one theme of this weblog is integrity).

* The strategies to remedy the general situation that I have tried so far are insufficient — it is not that I have not used them right, used them in good faith, and so on, but that they are insufficient.





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2 responses to “What would help?

  1. One thing I like to do is “prep” for the future. Try to set up things for the next day, to avoid frantic last minute activities, which I can’t handle any more at my age!
    Most kinds of impulsiveness, doing things on the fly, are outside my range of ability these days anyhow. If I am to remain productive at all, I have to work in this cautious way with a lot of pre-planning.
    And as is true of many elders, I am two people: the peppy oldster in the a.m. and the dozy oldster in the p.m.

    • Z

      I have always liked to do this.

      One of the most destructive aspects of that psychotherapy was the idea that you should not control things and you should just live day by day. I am flexible and spontaneous and not a control freak, but you do need some kind of planning and some control over your life. Giving these things up, and as a result living by the seat of one’s pants in virtally every area of life, has been really destructive.

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