How to get a lot written at a teaching and service oriented institution

When I was a new assistant professor, starting the first day and lasting until Reeducation, I had an amount and kind of teaching and service that professors at R1 institutions do not dream of and especially, do not dream of not having the option of saying no to. I, as a student from such an institution, could hardly believe it, either, but it was true.

My house was broken into four times the first semester and every time my briefcases, with all relevant textbooks in them, were among the items stolen.  The college did not like me, or my dissertation director, or the Emeritus Professor, and I did not like the college or relate to its mission; this situation was stressful to say the least.

I got quite a lot published in those years and here is how I did it:

* every weekday morning, write one page in my manuscript before doing anything else
* Monday through Thursday evenings, read one fairly randomly chosen, yet interesting journal article before doing anything else
* take Friday evening off — go out dancing, or in general do something non-genteel — and sleep as late as I wanted Saturday mornings
* Saturdays drive in to the library at the county R1, see what I might find in the stacks, walk around, breathe free air, do something cultural (a concert, a gallery) or natural (the late afternoon beach)
* Sunday mornings admire the things garnered from the library; Sunday afternoons write two to five pages; Sunday evenings do something cultural (a concert, a film)

I did this because it was how I had done things in graduate school and college, and to some extent even earlier. Notice that it gave time to write between seven and ten finished pages every week, suckas, and that I was swimming almost a mile every day after work, and people said I was “eating like a man” and “looking too well to be working hard enough,” and they were fools. It is why, in the present afterlife, when people suggest to me that Robert Boice’s research and writing advice is all I need, I hit the roof.

In one sense they are right. When Reeducation revealed its program I hesitated because it meant replacing research and writing time with Reeducative activities, and also because I could see that this program for alleged health was destructive, of careers most obviously but of personhood in the end. I did not know Boice or his work but had he known me and my methods, he would have approved. Once I had destroyed the person who could implement the Boicean or any other such strategies, however, I needed something else. As I patiently explained to those who asked, although I was not believed.

This is why I find it so maddening when people say to just implement the Boicean strategies. These are about planning a work day — they do not cover everything. In the meantime I do recommend the schedule outlined above to everyone, including myself, this year.




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