Further evidence

And the e-mail says: “Your research is so exciting. I cannot wait to read the paper.”

(I have a lot to say about this but the reason I am putting it up here is that I am trying to internalize that working view of myself.)




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2 responses to “Further evidence

  1. sophylou

    I’m in the middle of organizing a conference panel proposal, and one of the reasons that I absolutely love organizing a panel is that I get to email people, sometimes people I only know through their work, and say exactly that kind of thing— and mean it.

    • Z

      I have to update this post. What I was going to write yesterday, and forgot to, was that it is REALLY true that in order to write academically you have to be in a position to be really objective on the topic and on yourself the writer. This is yet another point the academic advisors forget, or are not aware of. When I was told it was a failing in me that I could do research and write, it really made it hard to do it. And when my mind blurred slightly because of depression, it was hard to do as well, because you do have to be able to feel crystal clear — or at least I do — not preoccupied with own authority and also able to have the right proximity to and distance from the material.

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