In which the past is more past than it once was

I am looking up a branch of the family. At the level of our parents, many were born in the teens and twenties and that, in Denmark and the Faroes, was long ago — or so it seems to me; society has changed so very greatly there.

Håkon Brinch, our grandfather the doctor, was born in 1888 in Sønderho. He built this nursing home that is now a vacation camp. He and our grandmother had a child five years before they ever married, that I did not know about. Our grandmother was half German, her father having come from Hessia. I had forgotten this; she was from Copenhagen.

Håkon’s father, our great-grandfather, was born in Sønderho in 1848. It would have been more isolated and desolate then than now but perhaps not — it was in its shipping heyday.

And if  were in Iceland I would buy this dress, and it would cost 146 euros. I have at least acquired these shoes and they look very Northern.



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