Des faits nouvelles

A look at psychoanalytic literature is always enlightening and also engrossing, and I would have studied this full time or would do (it is another way I would betray my current, and apparently very jealous profession).

I see that the “false self” that U.S. psychotherapy associates with success, is not what the notion of “false self” is. Rage, however, has to do with abandonment and having to present a false self.

I see that depression is a result of this abandonment and repression of feelings, splitting off of feelings, as well. A trauma reaction, as I have been saying. You can heal it and regain vitality.

I knew I was right.




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6 responses to “Des faits nouvelles

  1. Z

    Am I supposed to look at low self esteem and self sabotage, though? I think yes. I want to get to the bottom of this but not tear myself apart.

    • Z

      All right … I see … I go through this pain as a form of deprivation. It all keeps coming back to the same thing. I should really stop finding new forms of self torture…!

  2. Z

    This is important. It is about self sabotage as a positive thing, or an attempt at such — not simply a bad habit to be quelched with discipline.

  3. I need to write a post about the false self. This is a fascinating subject. But I have 4 courses, 3 of them are new preparations so there is never any time. But the subject is very worthy of exploration.

    Discipline will not do anything useful with this problem. Just the opposite – it will aggravate the issue. Discipline is a form of masochism, a symptom of self-hate, and you can’t eradicate self-hate with more of the same.

    • Z

      You should write the post when vacation comes or something. I would adore to engross myself in psychoanalytic literature and am half considering training in it at some point.

      Discipline as masochism, yes.

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