And more lemmas for the rest of this week.

“Be good to yourself.” This, for me, since Reeducation, is a radical notion.

Also, while it may be true that without his Parisian poverty Vallejo would never have come to the perceptions which undergird some of his greatest poems, I disagree that without Reeducation I would not have realized certain things, or achieved certain realizations. Anything useful I may have learned from Reeducation, I was already learning, and there is nothing at all to justify or redeem the losses and sacrifices.

“Be good to yourself.” But in Reeducation the idea was that one was deficient and must accept it, and lead a diminished life from now on.

According to academic advice I am too relaxed — I do not set timers or “cut corners” all the time, and I go to the pool every afternoon — but according to Reeducation I am too controlled, because I do not believe in giving in to negativity. I have confused them both, so perhaps I am on the right track.


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