Cuéntame como pasó

I am a late discoverer of Cuéntame como pasó and watching it, I realize I am Spanish. I, too, remember the things this program remembers, and feel interpellated by the “nosotros” in the theme song.

The show speaks to everyone, and is light as it must be, for television. The episode here embedded is heavy, though, and everyone should see it. I think it is suggesting that after all, despite Franco, things went better in Spain or resolved themselves sooner than they did back in the USSR. There is another, less conciliatory episode, however, where the new Spanish state is described by a dark character as a kingdom of forgetfulness.

Here is one academic piece on the series. Here is another. Send me more.



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  1. Z

    The series was more clearly antifranquista earlier on. This one from T7 is set in 1974 and involves the anarchist Puig Antich.

    The whole T7 appears to be of some interest.

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