1. I am visiting my father. My brother is also there, with pets. He has a Dachshund in a full body harness, to carry onto the plane like a bag. The dog enjoys swooping up and down. His cat is a white china cat with blue tabby stripes. This was for transportation on the plane. When put down on the floor she becomes a live cat, still white with blue tabby stripes. For some reason I sleep on a cot in my father’s room. It is irritating because he does not sleep well. Finally he becomes calm, and is having a quiet conversation with someone. I realize it is my mother, who is back alive again and present. This appears to be some kind of reunification dream.

2. I am moving. I cannot figure out how much of my furniture to keep, and what size truck I need. I am surprised because normally I am good at moving. I call a famous Hispanist I used to be in closer touch with, when he lived in New York. In the dream, he is still in New York. I tell him I need him to come here and assess my things for moving (I never had the kind of relationship with this person in which one would ask this kind of favor). He says he is so good at moving that he can tell me what to do by telephone, if I describe my things. I do this and he says I see, you do not need one truck but two pick-up trucks. I visualize this and realize he is right, and end the conversation very satisfied. I can see the two trucks leaving toward the West, on two lanes or two roads. I think this dream means I should split my manuscript into two pieces.




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