Lundi encore

The days are bright. I do not remember winter light being so bright here and pale, or there being as much sun. It is colder now for longer, as well. I woke up this morning thinking that I would like to understand Adorno, now because he and Horkheimer (1972) say that “homeland is the state of having already escaped” and because this has to do with Odysseus and myth and demythologization.

I woke up this morning thinking of my old intuition that Vallejo is strange because he is partly non western, and his double location, in western civilization and outside of it, is not hybridity or mestizaje. Everyone else wants to think identity and so has to think it through Blackness or some form of Otherness to the West, but since Vallejo is not thinking identity and is not thinking from one place, his alleged mixtures work in a differerent way.

I woke up thinking about psychoanalysis, how it is fundamentally about relationships between people and those have to do with interactions. My Reeducative analyst thought I was too intellectual and therefore not a “feeling” enough person (he was basing his theories on several kinds of bad science) but interestingly, all the material he had to present was cerebral.

Do you fit this scale or that? Think about it, think about how to fit into one of these paradigms. The conundrums presented did require a great deal of thought (although at the same time they could not stand up to serious analysis). All the thought, all the effort to understand, drew attention away from the realer issue of the nature of the interaction.

Analysis like all other forms of investigation and learning is primarily kinesthetic and that is not a comment about their “style” but about their nature.



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