Postscript on fine arts

I would of course love to do a BFA in plastic arts, painting, ceramics, sculpture especially (I would never have known that had I not tried it, I did not like sculpture to look at, very much, until I had a sculpture assignment and to my surprise, really liked it). I would also like to do an MFA in writing, just for the sake of having time to develop craft. Nonetheless I am so allergic to MFA-generated poetry, and the words “he has good writing credentials, he has an MFA” make me want to run in the other direction with my fingers in my ears.

Just sayin’.




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5 responses to “Postscript on fine arts

    I think she’s working with one of your colleagues! I swear you have written about this guy. 🙂

    • Z

      What a great post! Of course it reminds me I have always been too mowed down and non assertive. I cannot imagine feeling as grown up in the workplace as she does — that is, I can totally imagine it, but not in any circumstances I have had, because it would mean one got arrested or something (metaphorically speaking). This is something to think about, though, can I be like her?

  2. With all that momentum she has, she had better not run into any brick walls. I am aghast at how fearless some people are, and a lot of them seem to get away with it, but I can’t do that.

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