That One Faculty campaign

I understand why the AAUP is promoting this, and there is no other viable position to take, but I have been being exhorted for decades about how I should support newer or contingent faculty and my question is, when are they going to support me — not me personally, but any academic values, and anything but the administration?

Seriously. When I organized TAs and RAs into a union, many who are full professors now would not support due to fear of not getting jobs, they said. Now, contingent faculty and administration are united against research. So on what planet should I have to put them first?

In graduate school I put recreation aside to organize for health insurance for people who were too cautious for ask for it on their own …  why should I now put my research agenda aside so as to organize on behalf of rights for contingent faculty that they do not understand or want?

My contingent faculty, by the way, are people without the terminal degree, but with full time employment and benefits. And offices with phones and computers in them, and business cards where they can call themselves “Professor” if they want to.




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4 responses to “That One Faculty campaign

  1. Divide and conquer. That’s the way administrations hold on to power.

    • Z

      Yes, Hattie, I know, and the ones who refuse to divide or be divided are the ones who lose. Don’t worry, anything I actually do will involve solidarity, but it does not mean I do not see what others are and do.

  2. Hattie

    I think you have plenty, and what you might lose isn’t worth keeping.

    • Z

      What I might lose by doing what? I have already sacrificed more than I could afford for the sake of my colleagues. It has done them good and me harm. Why not work for a cause I believe in and not the comfort of a set who would not know an academic value if it stared them in the face, and would much rather compete for favors from the big house than show any kind of solidarity? Also: if you have nothing left to sacrifice, you cannot do a good job fighting for others.

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