Today, unless I already have a reservation I prefer in San Luis, I must reserve this for December 20. December 19 I am in Santa Monica, and December 21 in Pescadero. I then need my place in San Rafael, perhaps, and places for the way back. In fact, I know where I want to stay: Santa Barbara, then L. A.

Updating: Cambria and Pescadero are out for this trip. I have: one night in Santa Monica, then one in San Luis Obispo (which I must make sure to reserve). The third night is to be determined. The night back, and the last night in L.A., are also to be determined.




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3 responses to “Dezembro

  1. Hattie

    My favorite time of year in California.

  2. notofgeneralinterest2

    Now I want to go to Cambria. I have never been to Hearst Castle!

    • Z

      I have decided this: night 1 Santa Monica, 2 San Luis Obispo, 3 Mill Valley, 5-9 San Rafael, and 10-11 Santa Barbara.

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