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Education and Reeducation

In shorthand. Important to note for this week is how I was taught that normalcy was a façade. In reality we were barely tolerated: we hadn’t been wanted, we were not liked, and it was wished that we would go … Continue reading

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Anxiety and Reeducation

This. Axé.

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When I say “reeducation,” one of the elements to which I refer is Boice

I wrote: Later when I have time, I will try to consider methods of using my plan, or even a Boicean style plan, to address problems that do not have to do with the low level problems he addresses, which … Continue reading

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A moratorium on “Reeducation” posts

So now, the water heater is also having difficulty. It never rains, but it pours. I have misplaced my ATM card somewhere in this house, and my driver’s license has disappeared — I am not sure where. I am nonetheless … Continue reading


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How Reeducation destroyed research and more

I think every maladaptation I have is an attempt at managing anxiety. It is why I seem so calm — I was raised in the power of people who were delusionally anxious and it was important at all times to … Continue reading

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More on Reeducation

In Reeducation, one was not supposed to be able to handle the stress of adult life. To be able to do so was “denial” of how difficult it “must really be” and, more frighteningly, indicated an absence of “feeling”. If one … Continue reading

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Things I do automatically when abroad, and did here before Reeducation, but have a hard time doing here now.

A large part of the problem, as a local friend points out, is the abusive environment. One could, theoretically, move about as freely as one does elsewhere and enjoy local delights, but one learns that it is not so simple … Continue reading


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Sources of Reeducation

As we know, if I watched television and went to church then I would understand the culture I live in and I would be better equipped to defend myself against it. Now I have discovered by chance another element in … Continue reading


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This is the beginning of a first draft of some principles to think of when listening to Reeducated people and Reeducands. 1. I chose my schools and my majors. My choice of schools was stellar and my choices of majors … Continue reading


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Reviewing Reeducation

I dislike invasion very intensely, yet I am easily invaded. This became evident in the third grade when I could not handle a classroom bully. My mother realized it was destructive and asked whether I would prefer  to home school … Continue reading


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